We are a team of scientists and engineers solving complex problems using AI

An African Artificial Intelligence systems integration Lab founded in July 2017 by Moloti T. Nakampe and Thabo Koee. With a mission to empower African developers and business with Artificial Intelligence systems and tools. Our motto is ABI:

  • Always.
  • Be
  • Innovating

When we started ABI in 2017, there was far less interest in the field of AI than there is today in Africa. To accelerate the field, we took an interdisciplinary approach, bringing together new ideas and innovation in machine learning, engineering, mathematics and computing infrastructure, along with new ways of organising scientific discovery and business intelligence


IoT Systems

AI Systems

Gaming Software

Our Expertise

We work on some of the most complex and interesting challenges in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Our world-class research has resulted in hundreds of peer-reviewed papers, including in Nature and Science.

Security and Surveillance Systems 100%
Industrial Intelligence Systems 90%
Banking and Insurance Analytics 75%
Medical Image Analytics 55%